Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Forfeiting the Fight

It was over a year ago that I decided I needed a blog for my writing purposes, and it has been over a year that I've been fighting with Moveable Type in an effort to make a seamless, sleek, integrated blog within my current website. After eight months, all I could make the "blog" say was a pathetic little blurb about being back and updating things. Immediately after publishing those words, it wouldn't allow me to add any of those things I had promised to update. Instead, it simply froze and would allow not another character to be typed. Worse, it would allow not another character to be deleted, either. So all anyone visiting my site would see of the promised blog was this stupid title dangling there. After getting Scott to find a way to remove said title, he tried to make Wordpress' blog function bend to his will and came to the conclusion that it was incompatable with my computer somehow. (He knows how, I don't.) So, after dedicating another month or two to sulking, today I caved and returned to the plebian Blogger that has served me well in the past. So, here we are.